My Dream


We all have them.

Fairy Tales…Adventures…these are our dreams as children. We want to be the characters in the stories we are told.

Goals….these are our dreams as adults. We set goals and go after them. We see what we want and try to reach for it.

Dreams….sometimes dreams are those “unattainable” things we reach for….ever believing that dreams are things that are “just out of our reach”. Sometimes they are the things we “just haven’t gotten to” yet.

Dreams can also be a mixture of all of these things.

The human race…each member sees an event unfold…no one sees the exact same thing or gives the exact same description. Why? Each member is different with a different way of looking at the world. What are your dreams?

Reach for the sky….touch the stars….dream….

I want to meet people, see places, remember, photograph….live.

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